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GQ: How do you choose movies to watch?
Aaron Paul: It definitely goes through a filtering process, but if there’s a director I’m really interested in at the moment, I’ll usually try a bunch. You know, after seeing Bronson and then Drive, it was Nicolas Refn. I said, “My god, this guy is a god in my eyes when it comes to directors.”

GQ: The reaction to Drive was a little bizarre.
Aaron Paul: It’s so weird. So many people just didn’t get it. It was my favorite movie last year. It really was. I remember looking at Bryan and saying, “You lucky bastard. What a great role.” It’s something he’d never done before. And then Gosling. My god. That’s a kid that I’ve known forever.

GQ: You guys are about the same age, right?
Aaron Paul: Yeah, right around the same. I just really look up to the choices he makes. I think he’s an incredible talent and would love to work with him.

Just some more reasons to love Aaron Paul you guys.
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